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Heated at hollywood

City Lakewood, NJ
Area of town/city south side of lake

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Maximum number of guests allowed in the pool

30 people

About This Listing

Pool and backyard area

Private pool surrounded by greenery, Heated per customer request. Perfect for families who just want to have a great time.

Heated at hollywood

Number of chairs : 6

Pool Dimensions : 16X32

Number Lounge chair : 3

Pool Depth : 3 1/2 feet to 9 feet deep

Bathroom / Changing Room : Yes

Pool’s privacy

completly private from all sides. there is view from the house but all shades will be closed.

The Pool

Dimensions : 16X32

Depth : 3 1/2 feet to 9 feet deep

Additional Equipment : Some noodles availabae at the pool

Minimum Age Required: 1

Bathroom / Changing Area : Yes

Description: portable bathroom on premise

Chairs : 6

Advanced Notice : None

Special Rules or notes to Renters

Please put all garbage on garbage can provided


Weekday Hourly Price: $ 45

Weekend Hourly Price: $ 45

Maximum Number of Guests: 30

$1/Hour for each additional guest over 15 guests.

Discount Range: 5% Discount After 2H,


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Terms Of Use

Swimmers swim at their own risk

1 Reviews


Pool Rating

Rajput Sunil

16-Aug-2017 02:55:07 AM  
Clean - Accuracy - Comfort - Privacy - Pool Ratings -

$45 per hour
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Pool Rules:

No Loud MusicNo Smoking

Additional Special Rules Or Notes To Renters

Please put all garbage on garbage can provided

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